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It Is The Best Ones

THE POP OPEN: Group C - Sex

Poptimists everywhere, it's time for...THE POP OPEN.

This first week we have 5 songs on the theme of "Sex". You don't have to judge songs by how they fit the theme, just pick the two you like most - BUT! you can't vote for one you already know ("know" doesn't include "know a remix of" or "know a version of" or "know what it must be but haven't actually heard it before"). You don't have to use both your votes - you can just use one.

And you don't have to be a player to vote - anyone can!

The songs are all in a zipfile here: (18 Mb)

And you can get them streamed here: (NB if you just hit play you get Track 5, not Track 1, for some reason, so make sure you hit each play track link separately) ALSO: if possible download the zipfile - the streaming tracks are on FT's bandwidth :)

Poll #1001691 THE POP OPEN: Group C

Which of these did you already know?

Sex Track One
Sex Track Two
Sex Track Three
Sex Track Four
Sex Track Five

Of the ones you didn't know, which gets your first place vote?

Of the ones you didn't know, which gets your second place vote?

What happens next? On Thursday I put up a post revealing what each track is (and giving my opinions!) but not who voted in it. On Monday the poll closes and I reveal who has WON. The top THREE tracks go into the next round. Then next Tuesday we have another group (most likely Money or Death).

Thanks to bengraham, carsmilesteve, infov0re, mcarratala and strange_powers for this week's tracks!

Oh and I forgot a really important question - what would YOU have submitted?
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